Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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2020. "The Personalities of Presidents as Independent Variables." Political Psychology. PDF.

2019. “First Ladies as Members of the Political Elite.” [In Spanish] (with Carolina Guerrero). América Latina Hoy. PDF.

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Book Chapters

2020. “Executive-Legislative Relations: When do Legislators Trust the President?” [with Carolina Guerrero] Forthcoming in Manuel Alcántara, Mercedes García, and Cristina Rivas, eds., Studying Political Elites in Latin America. PDF.

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Articles Under Review

“When Do First Ladies Run for Office? Lessons from Latin America” (with Carolina Guerrero).

“Presidents’ Personality Traits and Relaxing Term Limits: Evidence from Latin America, 1945-2012.” Under review.

“The Quest for Uncontested Power: Presidents’ Personalities and Democratic Erosion in Latin America, 1945-2012.” Under review.

Work in Progress

How Leaders Erode Political Institutions: Presidential Personalities and Constitutional Change in Latin America. Book Project. Expected submission: second semester of 2020.

“Former Latin American Presidents: Between Courts and Ballots.” Working paper.

“The Emergence of a Meritocratic Political Elite in Twitter: Evidence from Chile.” Working paper.